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Training and development

Training and Development Steering Group

The remit of LIEM's cross-sectoral Training and Development Group is to:

  • act as a steering group for the provision of cross-sectoral libraries training and development opportunities
  • assess the training and development needs of staff in LIEM member organisations that might be met by the   provision of regional training events and activities.
  • map current opportunities for cross-sectoral training and identify relevant providers including in-house trainers.
  • establish a dialogue with LIEM non-member organisations to assess their training interests and priorities.
  • provide a regular programme of regional (and where appropriate cross-sectoral) training opportunities based on identified needs.

The steering group identified and agreed a number of priorities for cross-sectoral training for 2015/16 including: Copyright and the digital age; Teaching Skills for Library Staff; Presentation skills, and Improving Communication. 

In addition, LIEM's highly acclaimed leadership programme 'Motivate, Learn, Lead' has been delivered again in 2015/16 and the 2016/2017 course has almost finished.

Training Group members:

Rachael Adair 

Lincoln College

Joan Bird

NERC Library Service, BGS Environmental Science Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham.

Carol Brooks

LIEM Training Co-ordinator

Heather McBryde-Wilding

University of Northampton

Sally-Anne McIntyre

Leicester City Council

Richard Marriott (Chair)

NHS Midlands and East

Lorraine Selby

Leicestershire County Council

Ruth Sharpe

Derbyshire County Council