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Previous training

Building Resilience
Organisations exist in an environment of rapid and continuous change involving demanding situations where stress is part of everyday lives.  Managers and employees need effective strategies to handle stress and uncertainty positively, to enable them to contribute to organisational success.  This workshop provides a safe environment for participants to discuss how they are affected and to explore tools and techniques to build resilience.

Building Resilience image of Ring of BrodgarCoaching for Success 
This LIEM training day offers an opportunity to develop coaching skills and behaviours, suitable for managers and also non-managers who have a responsibility for raising performance and developing others.

Coping with Change
Staff in library & information services are experiencing change on an unprecedented level Ė new structures, new technology, new ways of working. Such changes impact on working lives and can be stressful.
LIEM offers a one-day practical workshop to help staff working in libraries, information and archives services understand how people typically react to change. It provides some personal strategies for dealing with the changes experienced.

Copyright and the Digital Age: Impact of the new copyright laws 

This practical workshop, developed and facilitated by leading IP Consultant Naomi Korn, has been specifically created for library and information staff to help them deal with copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights as part of their work, and to help them understand the impact of the new copyright laws. 

Copyright Without Tears Sunflower in bloom
This workshop is an interactive training event providing the opportunity to ask questions and discuss copyright issues in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for beginners or those with some knowledge of copyright issues the day is aimed at anyone who supplies information of any kind or creates it. 

Delivering Excellent Customer Service
The quality of customer service is an essential element in an organisationís reputation and success.  LIEM  offered this one-day training event aimed at staff working in library, information and archives services to help them gain in confidence and skills.

Digital Marketing Toolkit 

We all know we need to improve our online marketing but we donít all know exactly how to do that. Ned Potter has developed expertise over many years with library services and this will be a day for exploring and trying all sorts of tools and concepts.

The Effective Manager
The course helps you develop confidence and leadership behaviours. It is especially helpful for people considering management as a next career step. 

Handling conflict situations
Do you face conflict situations during your work and want to learn how to resolve these constructively?  This one-day training is aimed at any level of staff who may experience conflict in their roles - within their organisation, within their team, with external agencies or customers. Please note it is not a course about dealing with physical aggression.

UpliftInfluencing Skills
Achieving your goals at work often means gaining the help, co-operation and commitment of others both within and beyond your own organisation. This training will help to: increase your personal influence and build working relationships; develop an effective influencing strategy; recognise the impact of your own style and approach on others; express your views confidently and persuasively with a realistic outcome in mind.

Introduction to People Management
LIEM's one-day training event aimed at team leaders and operational managers working in library, information and archives services to help them: be clear on their role and responsibilities in relation to managing people; develop a personal leadership style; performance manage in a way that motivates and gets the best from employees; identify actions to deal with their most significant challenge in managing employees

Managing for Excellent Customer Service in Libraries, Archives & Information Services
This course is for managers & team leaders responsible for delivering excellent customer service through their teams, to enable them to recognise the role of the manager in promoting & delivering excellent customer service

Managing through Influence  
A LIEM training workshop aimed at developing confidence and leadership behavious for delegates who may not be line managers yet achieve results through motivating and managing others. It was held in November 2013

cogsMotivate, Learn, Lead
Motivate, Learn, Lead is LIEM's acclaimed cross-sectoral leadership programme for practitioners currently working at middle management level, in libraries, information services or archives, in the East Midlands. For more details see Motivate, Learn, Lead.

Promoting Reading - a practical introduction to reader development
Promoting Reading aims to introduce some of the key principles of reader development and offers practical ideas for how these techniques might be applied in an educational, healthcare or working environment. The training day is aimed at library staff working in higher and further education, 6th form colleges and schools, prisons and health organisations.

Teaching Skills for Library staffPen and notepad
This course has been successfully run eleven times to date (July 2014). It is aimed at staff who are working with young people, students, small groups of library users or staff to help develop  skills in teaching and training by: Building on participantsí current experiences of teaching information skills in libraries and learning centres; Developing new skills and adapting to new learning environments to increase levels of information literacy amongst library users; Providing stimulating discussion and an excellent opportunity to share experiences;Giving practical tips for teaching library users, set within a theoretical framework of teaching and learning.